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After witnessing his father betray his family and everything they stand for, Rin charges headfirst out of his sheltered life and into the wide world to try to repair the damage.


Hello there, internet. My name is Alexis Hernandez.

Elysion Age is a long time personal project. Just about everyone and their mother has an epic fantasy story in their head, this comic is mine.
Over the years the comic has gotten quite a few false starts. I’ve actually done a whole other first issue that was frankly terrible. Perhaps one day I will post it. Or maybe put it in an artbook or making of book that I would sell. Because I’m a capitalist pig.

Because part of the reason I’m doing the comic is to keep me active as an artist and illustrator, the style will be fiddled with. Maybe at times more than fiddled with. That said, I’ll try to make it so that it’s not jarring. I’ll finish up a chapter in the current style before hauling off and trying something new. I am sorry if anyone gets very attached to a current style and is disappointed by this, but it is important to me that I do not stagnate.

So, to everyone that made it through this section to actually be reading this sentence right now, thank you so much for for your interest, and for your readership in general. It’s what keeps this comic going. 😀

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