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Elysion Age – Complete Saga

Elysion Age – Complete Saga published on 2 Comments on Elysion Age – Complete Saga

Now that the series is complete, I’ve collected it into one giant volume! Purchasing it is a great way to support all the hard work I put into it AND get a big fat awesome book in the process. :)

~ Buy it here ~

That said, it will still be available to read for free here.
Thanks so much to everyone that stuck with the series all these years. Your support means the world. :)


The End

The End published on 10 Comments on The End

This is The End.

It’s been a very long and incredibly bumpy ride. Cliche, I know. But that doesn’t make it not true.
This was my very first comic, and it shows in a lot of ways. That said, I still can’t help but feel terribly proud of what I accomplished here.
I don’t know why I chose a long form fantasy epic for my first foray into comics. I guess I like doing things the hard way. I regret nothing, as I learned a lot.

To the people that stuck with this comic, thank you. I am truly and deeply grateful. I know I didn’t make it easy with my sometimes erratic update schedule. So yeah, to everyone that made it this far, you’re the best. I hope you’ll keep an eye on me on social media to see what I get up to next.

Goodbye for now.

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